Monday, January 31, 2011

Embracing January

For me, January meant...
Before you do anything to do with this, get that dirt of your shoulders. (Mash up of the month.) 

-Getting back into the blogging world by creating Always Something! I was delighted to see some familiar old faces but also to be joined by some new ones. Thanks for listening to my chattering for at least a month. I have been blessed with some of the most inspirational comments and emails that truly took time to write and really made me think. I am excessively grateful to be surrounded by such smart people.
-A mix of old and new. Embracing Mondays are almost two years or so old by now, but they were improved with the goal of donating 5$ to somewhere awe inspiring or just plain neat. Original features like It's Wednesday, you should and Wikipedia Search were well received and will continue, likely becoming weekly things. Wednesday needed a refresher, right?
-Enticing emails and discussions of remarkable new projects regarding the blog were proposed & discussed, so I cannot wait to share them with you, hopefully in February!
-I started working at a new office (I showed you here!) for something I really enjoy & support. I will be here until April and I cannot wait to see what else I get to do after only one full month here. 
-I received a new Pentax camera that looks like it belongs in the military because it is waterproof and drop proof. As always, my mother is looking out for me. I am thrilled with the photo quality and am looking forward to using it more and sharing the images with you.
-I downloaded more podcasts and became obsessed with This American Life, which taught me about a lot of things like this on the Island of Yap and made me question money... and that was just one episode!
-I started using a new word every day. Today is ramifications! There! I just used it. That was easy!
-I got an exercise bike -& I actually use it! For a considerable amount of time every day! I am so proud. We are eating much healthier so this nicely compliments a new lifestyle. I still cannot tear myself away from mango frozen yogurt though. Some weird part of my brain thinks if I eat enough vegetables, this will be okay...
-I invited my older cousin for supper. It went well! I have the best cook ever for a boyfriend, and the mashed potatoes I made turned out almost all right. Victory! I feel more than a little more grown up.
-I purchased my first video game. I will not admit what it is yet, but it is amazing.
-My team won at trivia at the impossibly difficult bar where all the professors and their PHD students go every Wednesday. The first time after a year! It was incredibly difficult, but it felt amazing. Hardest earned pitcher of beer ever. 
-L & I started looking for new apartments for next year. It is likely we are going to be in a whole new neighborhood and the pictures I snapped while walking around make me impossibly happy. I am already plotting decor for a place that I have yet to acquire. 
Halifax is so lovely...
-I read: More Money Than Brains by Laura Penny and Hidden Agenda which somehow shockingly isn't on amazon but is a look at what makes the news. I am starting Dead Centre, which is available online, and I thoroughly plan to read nothing but novels after this big nonfiction month!
-I heard: Steady on my play list were: Crossroads by Eric Clapton / Fire by Bruce Springsteen / Bigger than my Body by John Mayer / Bottle Rocket by The Go! Team / Snowed In (Cruising) by Joel Plaskett / The Cave by Mumford and Sons / Crazy in Love by Beyonce ft Jay Z (hahahah... yes.) 
-I watched: An innumerable amount of decent movies on Netflix. I am beyond obsessed and incredibly excited. Requiem for a Dream for the first time; good, but not the thing to watch at 2 am. I got rather obsessed with Hoarders, finally saw my first few episodes of Mad Men, I told you about The Bothersome Man, I was okay with Black Swan. Super High Me and The F Word (a film on censorship) were both rather funny, and Designing a Great Neighborhood was incredibly exciting to watch as L is going into the Urban Planning program.  Putting the exercise bike in front of the television means I use both more!

For you, January meant...
-turning shirts into dresses via Emlyn. Rrrrrow!

January brought about...

The best responses I got this month was really, really hard to pick. I hope you read every single word that people wrote in response to Wikipedia Search: A Series of Unfortunate Events because they all literally blew my mind and helped me think about a very important topic to me.

However, I would like to highlight Andy who said, in addition to some spectacular insight:

"P.S. Your posts are always so informative and interesting and clever, it's one of the most amazing blogs I've seen lately. Also, your comment made my day. I'm glad I'm contributing to your travel list decisions and I think you should definitely come to Croatia. It's wonderful, especially in the summer. Foreign people have this strange belief that we are still at war and live in catacombs or something but it's really not true. :) Uh, I'm making it sound like it IS true, aren't I? Well, it isn't. :D "

SHE JUST VOLUNTEERED TO BE MY TOUR GUIDE WHEN I COME TO CROATIA SOMEDAY RIGHT? Okay, maybe she did not exactly do that but I would love to visit and I'll wrestle the volunteering out of her yet... haha. I'm not kidding though...


Tomorrow I celebrate spending an entire year officially with L, and I have never been so happy to celebrate something in my life.
I hope I can pass some of that happiness on to you. 

What made you giggle or cry and wish for this month?
I will continue to update this post for a little while.


tess said...

Two things I loved about this post:

*Jay-Z/Verve mashup was brilliant. I never get tired of Bittersweet Symphony.

*The Minnesota article was hilarious, being from Minnesota I know a lot of woman like this. And the comments were spot-on, "interesting" is the most passive aggressive word ever.

bobb said...

Another great post with so much to read and think about:).

I will listen to the This American Life episode on Yap. I know about Rai stones, but it will be interesting to learn a lot more.

January has been a low-energy, lethargic month for me, but I hope to have a detailed response to "A Series of Unfortunate Events" in a few days.

Erin said...

Those travel photos are amazinggggg, so many beautiful places that I need to see. And I want to know what your first video game is, haha!

mckenzie. said...

Gorgeous photos, and aw, I really want to know what video game you bought! I looove games, it's not an embarrassing habit at all. :)

Anonymous said...

This January feels awfully boring for me... Most of my time spent in front of the computer and t.v. ANd I'm thankful for wonderful bloggers such as yourself for making my January a little less lonely and boring! Haha!

I love your post and the photos!!!♥

Always Something said...

Thanks everyone! The notes you leave always makes me grin from ear to ear.

@ Bobb: I hope you are well!

I am not embarrassed about gaming at all, it is the game I bought that I am ashamed of! It is designed for people with literally no skill but it's so pretty and entertaining!

Best ever.

Erin said...

Noooo way, I LOVE that game!! It's so pretty and relaxing to play! :D

Always Something said...

HAHA YES! I feel so much better now... it's amazing! It makes me feel happy and alive again.

I can't believe I just said that about a video game.