Monday, January 24, 2011

Embracing Monday

Happy Monday
Want to see where I am?


You knew I love the public right? Well, here's a Monday choc full of public libraries, public health, public festivals, public funds, public polls, and... a lot of snow. Goddamn Canadian socialist.*

If subways and buses all looked like this, I would spend less time on them reading blogs and emailing people.

However, I like reading blogs en route, especially when the sun has yet to show itself, so I am fortunate for Mckenzie, who gives us pictures that look like they were taken by fairies coupled with devastatingly charming prose. Save one for every morning and you will arrive anywhere happy.

Ouch. Hahahaha. Ouch. Ughhhh. But they're so right.... awkward. Poignant, uncomfortable, a little too close to home, spot on, and makes you giggle awkwardly. The Onion at its best.

And now, for the funniest headline of the day award... (This is not all of Canada.)

Hey Erin, no sorries. We're grateful for your pretty pictures!

Frequently, I fall in to the North American mindset of what is progressive, who is progressive, and a bunch of other awkward unfortunate cultural stereotypes. I am silly, go Nepal! However, it does raise a lot of questions for me, like aren't censuses (censi? Ha!) for gathering information for health care and such? So has the rest of the census been adapted to better accommodate what having a third gender really means in terms of services and actions? Is it more of a diplomatic thing, to make people feel better? It makes me think of the value of the census and what happened regarding the long form census here. So, who's progressive now, Canada?  

Lesley Myrick starts the new year's right with a name change (congrats!) and new resolutions that look not only not depressing, but downright charming & exciting!

Jezebel is definitely a woman's best friend this week with a not fear mongering  explanation of what an abortion is like.
Okay, maybe this is only a liberal girl's best friend but really even though I hope never to have one, it is nice to see it in plain speak.

Belle inspires me to write about picking the correct university with her charming and slightly sob inducing (yep, once you are there, you react like this sometimes) list of what school can be like.

"On Nov. 24, 1994, a teenage anorexic girl named Charlene Hsu Chi-Ying collapsed and died on a busy downtown street in Hong Kong. The death caught the attention of the media and was featured prominently in local papers. “Anorexia Made Her All Skin and Bones: Schoolgirl Falls on Ground Dead,” read one headline in a Chinese-language newspaper. “Thinner Than a Yellow Flower, Weight-Loss Book Found in School Bag, Schoolgirl Falls Dead on Street,” reported another Chinese-language paper. 

In trying to explain what happened to Charlene, local reporters often simply copied out of American diagnostic manuals. The mental-health experts quoted in the Hong Kong papers and magazines confidently reported that anorexia in Hong Kong was the same disorder that appeared in the United States and Europe. In the wake of Charlene’s death, the transfer of knowledge about the nature of anorexia (including how and why it was manifested and who was at risk) went only one way: from West to East. "
Interesting, mind opening, scary, and fascinating all at once.

"My wife makes really great cake..."
Watch it til the end. Too funny.

When we finished, L (who makes fun of my Criterion Collection/"snob films" passion) turned to me with eyes wide open and said, "That was really scary... and amazing."  A week and a half later, he still brings it up. (The start can drag a bit, but it picks up quickly.) [image]

I got a book of Moorish poems out of the library. Aside from it being one of the most soul wrenching things possessing the most acute and heaviest beauty I have every read, it got me thinking, "Wait, what is Moorish exactly? Is that not kind of a bad term now?"
So I found out more... good idea, right?

Ou! I just encouraged you all to do a literary purge (only in the physical sense!) but uh... is this not the funnest thing to look around? 

This is my city, better than I can capture it.

Your super intense call to action that will make you get up and go and want to kick something and help out and be a better person all at once (holy! a lot of 'ands'!) is... Life for Mothers. I'm going to try to donate 5$ somewhere every Monday, please feel free to join me!

And finally, confirming Anna's theories that Embracing Mondays come largely from lurking her wall.


Madeline said...

I have a small confession to make, with some of the blogs I "read" I pretty much look at the pictures. Here, this is not the case! You're blog is consistently interesting and thought provoking, kudos to you!

chelsea said...

Oh! Thanks for spreading the Ilona love!
And as for getting back into the swing of the week I don't have that. Sunday is my Monday. I have Wednesdays and Saturdays off, so I never have time to get too weekended out.

Rucha said...

Ah, this blog truly entices me. Not only for the pictures, but your actual words. Now following, dear.

Belle said...

This makes my monday so much brighter. The subway pictures made me smile. That picture of your city makes me want to go back to halifax again. Thank you so much for the mention. I didn't realize what an impact my list and comment had on you. It is so nice to have you back in the blogging world. It has helped inspire me to keep up with my blog. Its nice to have familiar "faces" blogging again.

Erin said...

I never thought I would see one of my photos in embracing mondays!! I am ridiculously happy now, haha. Thank you!
And I am intrigued by that Koyaanisqatsi movie... I may have to track it down and watch it sometime soon.

tess said...

Sadly half the links aren't working for me? I'm sure they're inspiring though!

Your office is so perky and wonderful. My Monday's are always really lowkey, I only have 1 class and its in the middle of the day so at least I get to sleep in. Today I went to a Swedish bakery for a latte and a cinnamon bun in order to do my reading, sometimes I need treats like that.

Always Something said...

Thanks everyone!

Tess: The CBC ones somehow don't work for me on my computer but do on my phone. Uhh... way to go NATIONAL NEWS SOURCE?! The headline was "Not enough rulers to measure snow in Saskatoon!" or something like that though.

Thanks for letting me know!

mckenzie. said...

Ah! You're so nice! Thank you, this honestly made my day, dear. xxx

Jem said...

Lovely blog post as always (especially cheering up my mondays)! I really want to check out the film Koyaanisqatsi now too, hopefully I can find a copy somewhere. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! You really are inspired, huh? I hope you'll have a wonderful week!♥

bobb said...

Embracing Mondays makes my Mondays brighter - this week I didn't get to read it until Tuesday, so now my Tuesday is brighter:).