Monday, February 21, 2011

Embracing Monday

This weekend was one of second hand treasure (hot pink 1970s heels with huge bows on the toes? WOODEN CAT PICTURES?! Cornflower blue dishes? Finally finding that ubiquitous perfect red cardigan? Yesss pleaaaaseee!) and work parties (see: Mexican lucha masks, kiddie pools of Corona, and bringing L home a huge veggie platter which he devoured in maybe two hours.) Also, I witnessed the amazingness that is the NBA dunk contest and it is officially my one goal in life to see this live. Seriously. And maybe to shake Serge Ibaka's hand.

ANYWAYS... clearly it is a rough Monday for me and my mind is idle so let's just get to it! Lovely apartments, The Hairpin, one liners, and, well you know, a whole lot more!

Also, random moment: I'm going to Bermuda... does anyone live there? Has anyone gone? Tell me what to do, other than slather sunscreen on my fair skin every 30 seconds.


So anyone who has followed my blog over the past little bit has gathered:
1) I'm moving in a few months
2) I love home decor
3) I'm OCD to be thinking about both those things so early on.
But that's okay, because I'm just going to show you that Erin is my hero.

One self-described “jerk,” Nir Rosen, a left-leaning journalist and fellow at New York University, was forced to resign Wednesday after tweeting: “Jesus Christ, at a moment when she is going to become a martyr and glorified, we should at least remember her role as a major war monger,” and following it up with a dismissive: “Look, she was probably groped like thousands of other women.”
And right-wing blogger Debbie Schlussel wrote: “So sad, too bad, Lara. No one told her to go there. She knew the risks. And she should have known what Islam is all about. Now she knows.” 
Hint: describing yourself as a jerk kind of makes you out to be a ... jerk. Even if you're trying to be ironic about it. Nice try though.

Thankfully, via Rachel Hills, we have a little guide for these things.

 You're really flattered. They're probably the hottest person you've ever slept with. Neither of you gets off.

Somehow, somehow I am only finding out now that reading Kris Atomic is an amazing way to say "I love you, self." So many pretty pictures can only make your life better!

Yay! I really needed some grown up books! Also, once I went into a bookstore and Atlas Shrugged was placed in the humour section. Also, did you know that you can download the kobo app for free and it essentially turns your iPhone into an ereader? I DIDN'T. AND NOW I DO. AND NOW MY LIFE IS AWESOME. Now I can alternate between Crime and Punishment and Anna Karenina without back pain chyeaaaaaaaa. 

But that won't stop me from referencing them goddamnit.

But not as hard as Roland Washington's. Shit!
"Now, I elevate." (The Hairpin was way too good this week.)

Yes Michel Martin, yes you can.

I wish I was smart enough to come up with this sort of thing.
I think everyone can always take more.
(via Gala)

Why isn't The Romantics on Netflix? I'm certainly not paying money to rent it because they seemed to have invested all their money into nice J. Crew clothes instead of writers, but that's okay, sometimes I like to just stare at stuff for hours on end! And I need something to watch when I'm exercising! 
L: Why don't you listen to like, Eye of the Tiger or something when you're biking.

Time for your Monday ism! Because anything know as the hurrah/boo theory is worth being mentioned, even if it takes ages to actually understand.

Real Simple makes my life seem unnecessarily complicated. Could you guys like... peel my bananas for me? It breaks my nails... and my bananas...

Obviously, I'm a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood, and they say it better than I ever could. Cutting their funding is like giving money to a coat hanger factory. I am only half making light of a sensitive situation; I think frequently people forget about how far women have come even in only the past 50 years.
I hope I made a shiver run through your spine.
I hope I made you think.
I hope you sign.

I'm always looking for more things for Embracing Mondays! You can toss me an email (see above) or drop a link in the comments. I feel like I don't know where to find beautiful pictures as much anymore and let's be honest, my perspective alone can be kind of boring. I frequently consider letting other people take over for a week every month or something just to get a bit of variety instead of my steady flow of CAT MINIMALISM ABORTION RIGHTS. Hey, it's fun, right?

Above: Why I don't do outfit photos.
 I hope somewhere out there today someone has the opportunity to wear a ridiculous mask in my honour (and takes it!) I hope you're wearing nice shoes today. I hope I can make you smile.

Here's to hoping! Have a great week.


chelsea said...

Ha, Atlas Shrugged in the humor section. Small bookstores do that a lot. We had the Sarah Palin book in horror (until the owner of the store found it and then threw it away since she cannot stand SP) and the G.W. Bush bio is in true crime.
Happy Monday!

L said...

Miss you. Great blog as always :)

Always Something said...

Chelsea: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I just snorted iced tea. Glamorous, right?

L: Oh boy, your comments are always such a nice surprise.

tess said...

A cupcake plunger!? How is Real Simple making anyone's life easier by telling them to buy useless crap that will only lead to more bills and cardboard boxes clogging up the hallway? haha

Popular Facebookers feel the need to entertain their friends...ridiculous. One of the funnier things I've read all day.

I want to see the Romantics too, if only to stare at my girl crush Anna Paquin haha

Kiddy pools of Corona!? Absurdly awesome! (and this comes from the girl with hangover the century the other day ;)

and the magazine sex article made my day. The Nylon one in particular sounds like college hook ups 101

Sarah said...

That cat painting is amazing! Hilarious. Your life looks so charmed

Becca Jane said...

I am dying over the fighting mask outfit post. Amazingly awesome.

I heard about the cut to Planned Parenthood and was like, say what? Not so good, I am thinking.

Lastly - the cat painting = ridiculously fantastic. I love your incredulous expression as well!

Have you seen the back to the future photog project by Irina Werning? If not it is worth a looky-looky:

Nicole✗✗ said...

Okay to start I love that last photo-awesome! It's funny because my life with netflix is while I'm exercising as well otherwise I'm not exercising. I'm a bit of a netflix whore. Great vintage find-the wooden cat photo is just classic.

Belle said...

Loving the last picture!
I am totally printing one of those love flyer things. that is so clever.

Green Tea at Midnight (Jessica) said...

I cracked up at the "what would it be like to sleep with a book?" link. I just finished reading "The Fountainhead", and their analysis of it is right on track.

Also, definitely signed the Planned Parenthood letter earlier today. Beyond frustrated that women's bodies are continued to be treated like controlled objects instead of something housing a soul and a personality (and y'know, an opinion and a desire to choose). Argh.

Though, don't let that detract from how lovely your post it :)

Madeline said...

there is always something that was worth the effort of reading on your blog :)

Paloma said...

1. I love those shoes. omg. great find.

2. thank you for linking to that article on lara logan. hands down the best analysis i have read on the situation.

3. everyone please sign the pp letter. and if you live in the nyc area - or new england in general - i hope you will consider attending the rally happening this saturday at 1pm!


Kathryn said...

haha i cannot stop laughing.... must say the last picture is a winner!!

Ashlae said...

I love (LOVE) moving. Is that weird? The excitement of getting to a new place and making it my own (err, kind of) is so fun for me. That and, I get tired of things easily, I'd be a terrible home-owner.

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

I always read Real Simple, but sometimes their ideas and the products they feature make me scratch my head. If grubby & worn in moccasins count as nice shoes, then yes, I'm wearing some. And, visiting your blog most certainly made me smile.

Danielle said...

Thank you so much for the comment! Something about beer in pools makes me happy, it is just so barbeque-ish.

I love that dinner party set-up/apartment.

From Suns To Moons said...

This was a great read for so many reasons.

my, oh my! said...

Oh, goodness those comments on Lara Logon is disturbing.

In other news, I really enjoy your outfit photo! You should do them more often!

Oh, and here's a funny cat link that you might enjoy. I was shown this by a guest speaker at the Conference on Education that I went to.
Regardless, I'm absolutely positive that I still want to be a teacher!

Anonymous said...

Those pink shoes are so pretty!