Monday, March 7, 2011

Embracing Monday

Cleaning, the best thing about gallery openings, and why people hate taking their picture with me.
Yesterday night, after a day of walking though impossibly charming neighborhoods to look at less than charming flats (I am increasingly picky) and cleaning out all the nooks of our current abode (it sparkles!), L threw a plate of salmon and lightly cooked vegetables in front of me and we ate and ate and ate. Today I feel like I could drop kick Chuck Norris from here to Talamazoo.* An overflowing "to reply to" email folder at work, two (much nicer looking) house viewings, and my taunting exercise bike better watch their backs! Normally I speak of the weekend with glee and whimsy, starting Monday off with a cup of tea. Not today. Won't you kick Monday's ass with me?  


In case you were wondering what I'm doing this summer, Real Simple has provided a handy guide for you. I AM PAINTING EVERYTHING I OWN. AND IT WILL LOOK GREAT.
Just in case I run out of stuff to paint and start to put brush strokes on inappropriate things unconsciously (the boyfriend? a cat?) there's still 102 other things for me to do... except for maybe that tutu. Weird.

Obama's in. McCain is merely an utterance. This is still funny.

Your next few profiles pictures, courtesy of me.

I never really needed another excuse to want to go to Japan, but The Huffington Post has pretty much convinced me that every minute I'm not there is a minute of my life I've wasted. AHHH. I'VE WASTED MY LIFE. WHY AM I NOT IN JAPAN.
...I really like trains a lot, okay?

Maybe when I'm there (oh God I'm wasting my life right now) I can help contribute to the splendifferousness that is ceci.  

Jane Feltes from This American Life who is like some kind of lady-god (not a goddess because lady-god is sooo much trendier and she's the pinnacle of trendy awesome hip. Lady is a cool word nowadays, right? Am I my mom yet? Don't answer that.) has helped me demand a raise in allowance. Every Friday.

"While it's true exaggerated characters can provide entertainment, it seems like if you're going to give a pass to this sort of thing, you have to make sure you're completely objective and open about all of the media you consume, not just the things that happen to not offend you. Conversely, if you're going to criticize Tyler, make sure you're holding your other entertainment figures to the same standard. (And if you're going to criticize Tyler, make sure there's never been an occasion when you've been cool with Eminem and his music, because, well, as I said above, Eminem's probably been more detrimental to women — if not directly, then at least by way of influence — than some random some kid who's sort of popular on the internet.)"
-Another Hairpin gem (just read the whole website already please?) Although I don't really know about the specific phenomenom in which they talk about, the whole thing smells of tru dat material.  

Katie is all over the early spring in Europe shebang, and so am I. Kind of. I hate chambray and button up shirts don't fit me. Oh well. STRIPES STRIPES STRIPES. NOT WINTER COATS. Thank gosh.
Also, the fonts in the video slay me ever so much. I wish I could use them to turn in essays.
"Bernais and Propaganda: NBD?" made much more fun.

"The smugness isn’t limited to the Bay Street whiz kids, though. Resource-rich Alberta is smug in believing America has no choice but to buy its oil. And while it’s difficult to see what options U.S. motorists have at the moment, any time a seller believes the customer “has no choice,” it’s bound to end badly.
Globalization is no longer just about factory jobs moving to Asia. It’s affecting everything – resources, banking, high-tech services, the whole shebang. Everything is getting bigger, faster and cruelly cost efficient. Fibre-optic cables spanning the continents have made geography irrelevant."
-Stuff to think about, and hopefully a bit of advice for picking your major in university


I'm too short and too awkward to count, but if you are supa glamz and hip and live in France or even Argentina or somewhere cooler Garance can show you how its done.

I need learn speekee guude. Please please please.

You've probably already seen this, because Emily is ubiquitous in the blogging community, but just in case, she totally had me at breakfast. And pizza. 

This is being posted because it is the perfect combination of Nicole and I. I like to think of a world where we can sit on a couch somewhere and watch this and high five with glee. Until then: kitty videos.

Ahhh, but at least they reassembled it. And then blew it again.

Wish me the same luck that I wish you! Remember; there are a million asses out there. You only need to kick one to feel accomplished. 
Even metaphorical ones count.
Happy Monday! 

PS: Any budding graphic designers out there? Send me an email. Let's talk.

*Talamazoo is a fictitious country my grandmother made up for me to race to when I was a hurried little five year old. I do not know the origins, but I could probably dropkick Chuck Norris there.


chelsea said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That breakfast pizza is blowing my mind.

Claire said...

This post was so completely chocked full of awesomeness! Where do I begin? Japan does look wonderful and I really want to go there, too. Huffington Post reminds me that I'm wasting my life, too. Or at least not living it to the nth.

The french girl in stripes and blazer looks cute, but I would kill myself if I was dressed like that.

I feel nauseas just looking at the breakfast pizza because I KNOW I would eat it until I was sick.

I too, want to paint everything I own. I think my kids would look good in green and blue, respectively.

I am on the road to kicking Tuesday's ass, I'll let you know how it goes. I am in the last week of the school quarter and I absolutely do NOT want to be taking these classes anymore. *Sigh* but I am going to finish, I am not going to drop the ball. I am going to kick Tuesdays ASS!

Also, you are damn cute :)

lindsey lowe said...

love your blog. so cute.

Sarah said...

Yes! Happy Monday! So much awesomeness to click through, thank you for saving me from my (also overflowing) inbox.

Dylana Suarez said...

Lovely blog you have here!


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

I will join you in kicking Monday's ass! Confronted with the title of your post this week, I groaned and realized that there was no way I was going to be chipperized.

I also dislike chambray most-things, though I do have a blue cotton shirt and I'm struggling to think what the distinction is. There is one I'm sure!

Nicole✗✗ said...

I will totally kick Monday's ass with you!! By the way I freaking love that first photo-too cute! And I want that pizza. I saw that on Emily's blog and oh man! I don't think mine would come out that way I'm afraid. Have a good rest of your Monday. ; )

la petite coquine said...

Hoping you kicked Monday's ass! There was so much good in this post, I'm still processing it all, but Garance's article was GENIUS!

L said...


Belle said...

I want to go to Japan so badly it looks so pretty.

I like the tutu table. So cute in a little girls room.

That video was awesome. Shared it with my friends.

Lol at the STFU Parents. too funny and too true


Tea For Two said...

Glad house hunting is going better :)

I need to be in Japan, like, yesterday. I swear my boyfriend and I talk about it at least once a week, and sometimes we'll just randomly say, 'we need to go to Tokyo', like we have Tokyo Tourettes. True story.

Don't take this the wrong way but in the photo where you're stretching your face you're reminding me of The Lady in the Radiator in Eraserhead on account of the stretched cheeks. :) I love her.

Rebecca Jane said...

I always enjoy these roundup posts. You always seem to discover the most fabulously interesting things.