Monday, March 28, 2011

Embracing Monday

This weekend was the hardest funeral of my life and the nicest Sunday in a while. Although I spoke on a podium shaking, sharing a final public goodbye to my grandmother that was mostly based on my blog post, I walked off the stage into the arms of an amazing support system named L and a crowd of exciting, delighted progressive individuals. Completely exhausted, I managed to sleep in until noon the next day. Noon! I did not know I was capable of such laziness. This will remain a rarity for a while, because Sunday reminded me how much I like to get stuff done. Counters were scrubbed and fridges were emptied, but fortunately I had flowers all over the house to cheer me up while doing it. L made a fantastic steak as I managed not to burn the mashed potatoes. I worked out to cheerful, up beat summer pop instead of angry rap. I realized that I need to raise my expectations for myself. Then, ...damnit. No sleep until 6 am this morning. No reason, no stress, just confronted with the brevity of life; even important ones.

And here I am.
And here are you. 
Let's stroll into this week with smiles on our faces, shall we?
Just in case you cared about what I dream about at all, Claire asked! Warning: I have weird dreams. But what makes the click worth it anyways is Claire's unique look into dreams and interesting tidbits about what actually happens when we're asleep.
I don't think I would ever frown with these bright, stripey shades. I think I might make a black and white pair, in fact! 
...Fortunately, there's also a 99.5% you're not. Also, Andrew Jackson was bad ass. 
Capology: coming soon to a sociology class at a liberal arts college near you.
"With his ZZ Top beard, battered cowboy hat and worn boots, Mr. Wells, 51, looks like a native. But like many of his neighbors, he’s a recent transplant, a former fashion and catalog photographer, late of Manhattan and Columbia County." 
Did I post these yet? Om nom nom.... even if I have, just make them!
You know it's a good day when someone posts this on your Facebook wall.
You guuyyyyys there's an election! And it's totally hip and young! But... oh wait... No one cares.  
Fun fact: Apparently this was Barack & Michelle Obama's first date. 
Maybe it's completely wrong to post these right after that statement, but, uh, I find politically incorrect comics preeeeeettty funny! But glad that there is no way any child of mine would ever see stuff like that.
My new best friend, if she promises to lend me the dress.
If she doesn't, I have the ladies at the Hairpin! They have been on fire this week with Kanyeisms and rose jello. But, they have to lend me their hat...
Making it Lovely is consistently one of the nicest things about my day, all day every day. I am going back through the archives and screencapping almost everything. Lady is such a genius!
Every day you don't like this on Facebook is a day wasted; they have the best DIY projects ever.
Every day you don't listen to this song is a day wasted; just because.
(except maybe I shouldn't use the word snort.)


Pomeline said...

Wonderful post ♥

MAUD said...

digging all the love in this post, lady.

those socks are not ugly.

i'm sure you spoke eloquently and bravely at your grandmother's funeral. i couldn't imagine it any other way.

xxx MAUD

Rebecca Jane said...

I can't imagine the strength and composure it took to speak in such a difficult and emotional situation, it speaks volumes to your caring and also strength of character.

la petite coquine said...

I know your speech was incredible, because you're pretty damn amazing. Glad you were able to say goodbye and start this week with a smile.

Nicole✗✗ said...

You are very strong to say goodbye publicly. That is something I can't imagine doing. It would be so hard but I can tell ya' you are amazing for doing so. Such a wonderful post and lovely pictures!!

tess said...

You were a very strong person to speak publicly about your grief, but your grandmother sounded like an inspiring enough woman to give you the ability to speak in front of everyone about her. I'm glad you could share just how amazing she was with everyone.

I keep sleeping in until 11am it is disgusting haha

those politically incorrect cartoons are hilarious in a very sick way haha. I wonder what happened to the kids who read those things? Did they turn out well ;)

Margaret said...

Haha I totally read the First Apartment too! That post was so funny

infinite said...

MARY! youre back! i cannot express how excited i am to be able to see what you've been up to since was my favorite blog and i was very sad to see you go. looking forward to reading all of your wonderful posts! and also, God bless your grandmother, i remember how inspiring she was to you, and i wish you and your family strength as you work through this.

Erin said...

We need to bring Holi to Canada, that would be amazing. I love the second picture, with the flowers. I need some flowers like that!
Also, I really admire you speaking at the funeral, I'm sure you did an amazing job. Your posts are one of my favorite things about the internet!

Nicole✗✗ said...

Ah I wish I could make you that sandwich!! It was soo yummy! : )