Monday, July 11, 2011

Embracing Monday

Can I come back now? I know I disappeared without notice, and I semi apologise, but just semi believe that sometimes it's better not to say anything when you're going through something & something else... I hope everyone has some good stories for me, and that you'll still want to look at what I've assembled this Monday, right?
PS: Yes, that up there is indeed a guacamelon... of course! & isn't that fascinator just great?

-You know how most grandparents have that inherent cheesy quality that sometimes surprising you when it's actually bang on & witty? Yea, that's nice.

-More animals! (Clearly...) What do you do when it's too hot to walk barefeet? Well, you
 don't walk barefeet. BUT what if you're a goose?

-Of course, I was incredibly interested in knowing 6th Street Design School's favourite fabric stores. I think I'm interested in knowing anyone's favourites! Do you have a haunt? Share it!

-I have just discovered that Matchbook Magazine has a tumblr, and it is consistently what I turn to when I need to look at nice clothes in far away places prior to rubbing my temples and taking a mind vacation.

-I hear ya, I hear ya.

-Do you have five hours of your life you will NEVER need back? Cool. I've got answers.

-Why you shouldn't call me, or anyone else crazy. Mainly, I think we're selfless enough as a society to realize that if words hurt, it shouldn't matter.

-I won't say her name, and I almost didn't post this, but I really hope this actually does happen.

-I think that Mimi and Meg are very cute, and I would like to live almost anywhere they post. That is an excellent reference, no? 

-If Edward Gorey had received a gift card to Staples, his art might have turned out differently.

-So... this happened, & I still don't know what to think. I used to volunteer for STAND a lot, and I still keep a close eye on what is happening in that area. I just hope everything works out for the best... 

-You know when you're getting uncomfortably hot and you just run outside into the night air for a minute or two just to think clearly? Yea, this is that for your soul.

-...& this is essentially that for your face...

-So I already said I'm reading Tender is the Night next, but this or this is on the reading list after that!

-I'm sure you already know what a genre is, but when you read about them individually it sounds much cooler & you will walk away with your mind blown.

-If you like perfection in your blogs (why are you reading this?) then Yvestown is clearly for you!

-I think that inside Dasha Shiskin's mind is probably a very nice spot to be in.


It's probably too hot wherever you are & I bet the laptop is melting a hole in your lap by now! So I'm freeing you! Please go and play near some water, even if it is a slip n' slide... and if it's not too hot wherever you are, or if you just don't want to go yet, then why don't you tell me how you've been in the comment section? 
You must know by now, but I'd love to hear from you.
Happy Monday!