Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Embracing Tuesday

Holiday cards to be sent, seasonal fruit to be eaten, and working 6 days a week, but one of them at a fantastic vintage store.
Please excuse me for being late? Please?
-Not surprisingly, talking about prostitution means talking about gender roles. But there’s something different thing time!
-I like that there’s a Wikipedia article called Films Considered the Worst Ever. How is this decided? Where’s Spice World?  
-A clever little piece on the dangers of encouraging your children to read. Alternately titled: Allison, an unauthorized biography.  
-“I hope Chris Paul sues. I hope the Rockets sue. I hope the Lakers sue. I hope Dell Demps resigns and makes a sex tape with a stripper wearing a David Stern Halloween mask.” Even if you’re not a basketball fan, Bill Simmons’ undeniable passion is hilarious.  
- Although I have just purchased a 35 x 56 inverted, upside down map of the world (yea, you read that correctly) for my living room, I really could have used these creative ideas a month ago! Oh well, there are plenty of other rooms!
-My hair is far too layered for the Gibson tuck to look good right now, but it would be so charming on you!
-I would like to be Paloma's roommate.
-Never go into a store and say “I’m looking for that pattern like” and then make squiggly patterns with your finger ever again! amy atlas pattern board
-English class, 3 years ago.
-Although I really love writing, I still take a lot of pictures of what I’m doing and what dress I just foolishly spent all my money on and how awkward I am at braiding hair and what I’m reading and just that sort of thing. You can find them all here!