Sunday, July 21, 2013

Embracing Monday

It was far from a private island, but it only took a 5 minute ferry ride for us to feel like we were "out of the city." (Seriously, if you've ever taken the ferry at the Porter airport in Toronto, it was like that.) My favourite part of George's Island was how average it was; it was exactly like most parts of Nova Scotia, only in a very little place so close to all of the busy of downtown. I like how the consistency of this province always allows me to feel like the new is familiar. Although when travelling I seek out adventure, when it comes to home, I'd rather leave my surprises to my soda choices. (Delicious!)
  1. I really enjoy doing an annual resume refresh. Here's some inspiration to get you started.
  2. This ultra modern landscape & these surreal beaches have me thinking about Brazil. 
  3. These tweets from the Abbotsford Police Department left my stomach hurting from laughter.
  4. We have a myth that if the poor work harder, they will succeed. This suggested budget by McDonalds tells its employees to work two full time jobs and acknowledges that they still couldn't afford heating.
  5. It may be a little baseless in this article, but I'm loving anything positive about Detroit right now. (Keith Law thinks the Tigers will do well!) Here's everything else you need to know.
  6. I fell down a historic pop culture images rabbit hole this week; I'm shocked I had never seen The Supremes look this vibrant and Ingrid Bergman look this magical.
  7. If you're inspired by the women above, also check out Hannah's take on Audrey Hepburn, but not the Breakfast at Tiffany's one. (I never have the patience for make up learning, but Hannah is magical.)
  8. I hope the internet finds whoever sent this threatening letter to a Kingston lesbian couple... I won't say why.
  9. These portraits of people as they were might make you a little emotional. (via @DartmouthKate)
  10. What would the perfect women's magazine look like? I am a huge fan of both Chatelaine and Real Simple. I have been since I was about 16. Maybe not their target market, but...
  11. "Education is what makes us fully human": a short, lovely piece.
  12. Beth Hoeckel's art reminds me of nostalgia and expresses what I would have liked to express with visuals at so many points in my life but I didn't have the vision or talent. Luckily, she does.
  13. Beyonce: artist, diva, and evangelist minister / exorcist? Yep.


A Crimson Kiss said...

What an amazing little getaway–now off to explore your links!

Grace said...

So glad to see a new post up from you!

Pomeline said...

Only getting to catch up on my blog reading today, but these links will make my afternoon really unproductive, thanks ;)

Rebecca Jane said...

That portrait series is one of my favourites. Beautiful. And also, I love that description of a potentially great women's magazine. So good!