Sunday, July 28, 2013

Embracing Monday

Top photo thanks to Emlyn Murray.

We painted each room in our apartment one after another, taking relatively little time to think if a lime green bathroom was really what we wanted. (It was.) The bedroom, on the other hand, took a little bit longer. I debated between moody greys, one vivid purple, and tried to find the closest thing to a colour I could only describe as "modern navy" before I finally found the perfect hue (I feel I owe the salesman a link after how many questions I asked him.) Armed with a fast food dinner and the determination not to have to sleep on the couch for too long, Luke & I cleared out the room and finished it in a little more than a day. I absolutely love the dark, deep colour that looks bright in the light. Although we still have a bit more trim to touch up and plenty of stuff to move back into the room, I can already tell it's going to be a great place to relax, write, and research that new clean eating thing...
  1. When I discovered that Daria: The Movie wasn't actually being made I might have cried more than a little bit. Still, love Aubrey Plaza.
  2. A dress too wonderful for words. 
  3. While researching a potential autumn road trip to Cleveland I found this lovely vintage poster. It seems I've missed it by 77 years, so... any recommendations?
  4. I've only recently learned that lobsters are almost immortal until we Annie Hall them. Now I discover they're cannibals. Yep. Nope. Not okay. Sea freaks...
  5. My iPhone background is always a series of either lines or dots. My current favourite.
  6. This house fits perfectly into surroundings & I think that's kind of magical.
  7. I don't think social media makes people dumber; I think dumb people are revealed by social media. (Hilarious.)
  8. Planet Money explored plans that failed Detroit while Fresh Air talks plans that can succeed
  9. The Real Dazed and Confused of the 1970s.
  10. A gentle reminder as I try to get rid of my stuff instead of cramming it back into my bedroom.
  11. This interview with Amy Poehler can only be described with this series of Parks and Recreation gifs.

"Well, Offerman and I would be great “mama” and “daddy” of a cult. He would do all of the hard work and I would be good at keeping up morale."
-Amy Poehler, teasing about my dreams coming true

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Rebecca Jane said...

That dress! I heart it.