Monday, December 15, 2014

A list of some of the men who hate women

There are many important points to take away from the extremely misogynistic comments made by some Dalhousie Dentistry students. Having worked on sexual assault prevention campaigns has exposed me to some interesting misconceptions some people have in defining modern sexism. During the rape chants I heard a lot of people dismiss it as the work of 'dumb jocks', as if bigotry is the culture of one socioeconomic class, one lane, one calling, one talent. 


There isn't one kind of man who hates a woman. 

Men who are dentists hate women. Men who are sensitive poet types hate women. Men who are brothers and fathers hate women. Men who 'respect' women but make the 'joke' anyways hate women. Men who are teachers, lawyers, and lovers hate women. Rich men hate women, poor men hate women. White men hate women. So do men of other races. Christian men hate women. So do men of other religions, men of no religion.  

Men who say they don't hate women hate women. Men who only hate Trans women hate women. Men who think they don't hate women hate women. Some women don't understand the ways they are trained to hate women. 

And if you are one of "not all men!", I don't care. You not teasing me, harassing me, assaulting me has never stopped the ones that did. Show me how you will stop the ones that do: stand up. Don't tolerate the joke. 

Learn more about how to unlearn hatred of all women at the White Ribbon project.


Sharon Fraser said...

Allison, your column has created much discussion at the Halifax Examiner. Most of it supports you, which is good, although it's still discouraging when people (males) try to make the Not All Men arguments.

In case you missed it, however, one of the commenters left this link which changed my day. Have a look:

I hope you like it too.

Glen Canning said...

Well said Allison!

asdf asdf said...

sound to me like you have serious mental issues. Have you considered therapy? Maybe some meds?

You seem to think it's ok to stereotype and hate males. Very disturbing.

Webconomist said...

I think I come from an exception to the rule of the past. Perhaps. My mother and stepmother were (and are) successful entrepreneurs. From the 70's and 80's. Just to provide some perspective. That was not a female friendly set of decades. At all. In any way.

What I learned was that really, men and women working together, create a much better environment for innovation. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not "all men" and I never have been or will be. What have I done? The list is long. But there are a few things;

I've hired immigrant women and promoted them based on their damn good skills and judgement.

I've ensured that the men and women on my teams are paid the same in the past when I've made those decisions.

I've promoted women ahead of men because they were smarter and more capable.

I've fired some men because they behaved like bullies to women I hired who were their juniors.

I've recommended some women over men because they were simply more capable. I do not care about gender, race, creed or religion, if you're better, you're better.

I fought hard and won, for some of the most advanced maternity rights for women in Canada. Here in Halifax.

I ensured the inclusion of gay men and women on various boards of directors. I've fought for diversity at the senior management level.

I reported to a woman CEO and still respect her immensely. I've fielded sexual harassment complaints and as it was justified, fired the men who thought it was just "shits and giggles"

That's some of what I've done. And I'll do more. Because I actually, truly, believe in equality. Is that okay?