Friday, March 27, 2015

We Shall Never Rebuild Halifax Unless Everybody Shovels

I’m sorry.

I cannot make Halifax weather suck less, but we can all make Halifax as a city way better. Inspired by a combination of Waye Mason & @ProSkates, let’s clear our side streets and support our main streets, and I’d like to give you the opportunity to win an awesome date / hangout / huge meal all your at some awesome local restaurants for doing so.

Here’s what you can win:

  • 25$ to The Red Stag Tavern! Excellent pub classics with a bunch of twists to make it unique. Also, on a personal note, a great place to watch college sports if you don’t have cable. Enough money for you to have food and a beer or beer and a food.
  • 50$ to Agricola Street Brasserie! Perfect for a romantic date with your significant other or a romantic date with yourself. Make sure you get the jojos even if you have no idea what they are, and the Agricola 75 is my JAM.

For such amazing prizes I bet you think you’re going to need to single-handedly melt all the snow in HRM, right? Well, if you can do that I will give you that and my next pay cheque and my eternal adoration. BUT if no one does, you can be entered into the draw just by:

  • Shovelling part of a street! Take a picture of your handiworks and tag it #ShovelSelfieHfx and get 2 entries and eternal love from pedestrians. Extra love to those helping neighbours or schools.
  • Attending local events: Go to a concert, school fundraiser, play or other community event. Tell us which one and how much fun it was by tagging it #ShovelSelfieHfx for 2 entries.
  • Supporting a local business: Tell us where you went and what you got and tag it #ShovelSelfieHfx for 1 entry. Also tag the business and let them know you love them.

And because there’s seemingly limitless snow, the number of entries (for new snow clearing / events / purchases) are limitless to.

I will use an internet generated name picker. This contest is limited to public twitter & instagram accounts because it’s easier to track.

The contest starts now! It ends on Thursday, April 2nd, at 5 pm so you can use your winnings next weekend.

Many people rely on active transportation such as cycling or walking to get where they need to go. It’s important to encourage this to be proactive about healthcare in our province. I feel I need to indicate that the city really screwed up here. Their reaction to the most recent storm seems to have been as good as it possibly can be, but the last 3 months of miserable sidewalks where people can barely leave their house has been embarrassing. This winter was full of abnormal weather, but not so abnormal that it couldn’t have been managed better.  We need political action to ensure that this does not happen next year, but right now we just need to make it through this season. It’s important to note that these are my personal views, and not the views of any other people / businesses, but I want to highlight that this is a stop gap, not a solution.

Okay! So now you want the sweet, sweet gift certificate and you know how to get it. Good #ShovelSelfieHfx-ing and...

Happy Spring!